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30.07.2020 08:30

REGISTRATION OPEN: Conference: Depolarisation: Road to Deeper Trust

The aim of the conference is to explore what tools and methods we as civic actors can use which can help us to build deeper trust among people hence d...

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05.03.2020 12:00

Open Up For Dialogue

Being open up for a dialogue is crucial for developing healthy local communities. There is plenty of space, many gaps, that need to be bridged. Nation...

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17.09.2019 09:55

Time to make changes and time to protect: what you may not have known about liberals and conservatives

Should we be sensitive to and emphasize what connects us in our society, what constitutes our share humanity? Or should we accept the colorful diversi...

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11.07.2019 14:02

They label him as a Nazi. He thinks it is unfair

„His answers to a series of questions were often a polar opposite of mine. When asked to describe his greatest fear, he stated migrants from “non-whit...

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17.04.2019 01:30

The War of Brothers in central Europe

“War is not war until brother kills brother,” is exclaimed during a powerful scene in the famous Kusturica movie Underground. During our educational t...

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18.07.2018 11:20

Dialogue about abortion on peace sofas

On June 18, 2018, Mirjam and Andrea walked into a room to see their own, personal sofas had been cut in half and merged with another. They had never m...

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15.06.2018 14:25

Can we fight fake news with fake news?

“Fighting fake news with fake news” is the motto of the project Forbidden Facts. The idea is to create click-bait styled fake news article, share it o...

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07.06.2018 15:00

Face to Face - Faith to Faith with Adrian Cristea

Representative of Dublin City Interfaith Forum Adrian Cistea talks about their approach to ensure interfaith dialogue in Ireland. What can we all lear...

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01.06.2018 09:45

Face to face with Daryl Davis about talking with racists

Musician, anti-racist activist, lecturer. For more than 30 years he has been meeting and talking with Ku Klux Klan members. He claims to have been dir...

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24.05.2018 16:30

Face to face with Timea Kiss-Łukasik about drug addicted youth

Timea Kiss-Lukasik is a social worker, firstline practitioner of the Radicalisation Awareness Network, storyteller. She shares her recovery story with...

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22.05.2018 14:15

Face to Face with Anne Anderson about teaching controversial issues

Anne Anderson has 30 years teaching experience and is presently Principal of New-Bridge Integrated College. New-Bridge Integrated college was Awarded...

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16.05.2018 09:30

Face to Face with Bálint Szabadkai about dialogue between Christians and LGBT+

Bálint Szabadkai from Hungary talks about their efforts to create dialogue between the various Christian communities and the LGBT+ communities. How do...

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15.02.2018 14:30

Meet the brave man who dared to face KKK members

„How can you hate me, when you don´t even know me?“ This question bothered Daryl Davis, a black American, since the age of ten when he was attacked by...

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27.01.2018 22:44

Knowledge illusion

Why most of us can’t explain a principle of a flushing toilet or of a zipper? A majority of us probably has now confidently said: ‘but I know it, it’s...

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10.01.2018 09:51

A collection of memorable moments from our conference on violence

It was a great challenge to prepare a two day menu for the event and to take into account a variety of allergies and the dietary preferences of over 1...

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29.11.2017 13:55

"Nothing justifies bloodshed,"Mustafa Dzhemilev at PDCS conference

Mr. Dzhemilev is one of the greatest politicians of our time. He publicly spoke against the invasion of Soviet troops to Czechoslovakia in 1968, which...

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