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Why should you join us? Each of us should peep out of our own social bubbles from time to time. Let´s have a look to our neigbour and see a nice person, not just a voter of opposite political party. Let´s talk to our family member who thinks differently than we do. Let´s admitt that by non-talking we just make conflicts bigger. Democracy is a fragile form of rule that must be taken care of every day. By talking, trying, explaining, negotiating, understanding, searching for possibilities how to make our lives better. We cannot let hate to take away values on which the European heritage has been built. 

If you have courage, join us in this effort:

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2. If you represent an organisation whose values are in line with network´s Manifesto (Pdf. below) send us your request to ennd@pdcs.sk

Organisations that support the Manifesto

1. Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia

2. Partners Hungary Foundation

3. Fundacja Partners Polska

4. NESEHNUTÍ, Czechia

5. Cultures Interactive, Germany

6. Partners Bulgaria, 

7. PATRIR, Romania

8. Slovak Debate Association, Slovakia

9. Media Diversity Institute Western Balkans, Western Balkans

10. Media Diversity Institute, UK

11. Media Education Centre - Serbia

12. WPS Prague / Czech Republic, Slovakia

13. Dare to be Grey, Netherlands 

14. YMCA Dobrich, Bulgaria

15. REACH Institute, Slovakia

16. Slovak Youth Council, Slovakia

17. Civic platform Not in our Town, Banská Bystrica

18. Centre for community organizing, Slovakia

19. Post Bellum, Slovakia

20. Go Free - the Association for the Support of Civil Society / Romania

21. Romano kher - Rómsky dom, Slovakia

22. Association of Young Roma of Slovakia

23. Forum of the World's Religions - Slovakia

24. INEX Slovakia

25. Saplinq / Slovakia

26. Košice PRIDE / Slovakia

27. Dúhový PRIDE Bratislava (Rainbow PRIDE Bratislava), Slovakia

28. Federation of Finnish-British societies, Finland

29. Center for Philanthropy n.o., Slovakia

30. ActiveWatch

31. IDEA, Nederlands

32. Centar za kulturu dijaloga / Centre of Cultivating Dialogue

33. Do Debate

34. Mládež ulice (The youth of the street), Slovakia

35. BH Journalists Association / Bosnia and Herzegovina

36. Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention, Hungary

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