The Power of Cities II.
The Power of Cities II.
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EOOH: The Pan-European Observatory for Mitigation of Hate Speech


The European Observatory of Online Hate (EOOH) analyses online hate speech through its patterns and dynamics with the aim to counteract hate speech worldwide. It breaches the challenges of addressing hate speech, which lay in the lack of understanding of its online trends and characteristics.

Hate speech can be addressed only when understood. This is why the EOOH posits a ground-breaking research of the nature of our online environments and their dynamics, which drive hate speech.

The project tries to will achieve the goal to counteract online hate speech through uncovering its patterns by providing continuous reporting of hate speech in the EU. It combines big data research with a network of more than 50 experts to generate insights into patterns, trends and drivers of online hate speech and extremism. The outcome of the project is an online system and platform for monitoring hate speech in 24 EU languages. Constant hate speech reporting and its rigorous analysis will improve positive communication across different relevant bodies. The platform’s data will offer understanding of hate speech to policy makers, scientists and law enforcement bodies. These actors will be able to design and execute better suited and personalised responses to online hate speech.

PDCS is part of the international consortium of partners and will contribute to the project by organising and co-organising national and regional roundtables that will be held to provide initial insights and information about the issue, discussions of general topics of hate speech and current themes. A two-day conference "Civic Actors in War and Peace", November 9-10, 2022 in Bratislava, Slovakia will allow researchers to share insights from platform research and data. This will uncover the possibilities for positive narrative campaigns, which would improve our online environments.


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